Friday, May 9, 2008

"Worst Result Ever" t-shirts coming soon

You've been there, done that. Spent hours, days, weeks... months?... just to discover that your hypothesis (or "hope-othesis") is completely wrong. Finished a data analysis only to see that what you've just produced can only be described as the Worst. Result. Ever.

But graduate students have better things to do than mope over spilt data - like blog about their bad results, or go on to the next thing and hope history doesn't repeat itself. Inspired by Magda's great idea, I've decided to start a line of t-shirts that will hopefully allow those of us who have ever felt the pain of bad results to laugh a little at our plight - and raise a little money in the process. Yes, that's right. Proudly wear your results on your sleeve - er, chest - and support Open Science at the same time!

We're still in the early stages of brainstorming designs and have yet to put up a shop yet (most likely on CafePress, though other suggestions welcome), but Cameron and I are actively fundraising for the PSB workshop on Open Science and thought t-shirts would be a fun angle.

So here are some initial designs to get the series started. Each one is named after the hapless student who had the pleasure of seeing something very much like it in their own research.

"The Magda" - No correlation

"The Shirley" - No separation

"The Bernie" - No improvement

The back of the t-shirt would be something simple, possibly one of the following:

If you have your own worst result that you'd like to contribute to our cause, feel free to send them to me: shwu19 at stanford dot edu. We are also planning to launch a series of designs reflecting the frustration that is thesis writing. Suggestions and comments of course welcome!

Obviously, we don't expect to raise a significant amount of funding through t-shirts, so if you're interested in contributing more directly to the Open Science workshop, please do contact Cameron or myself. We also encourage everyone interested in Open Science to make it out to Hawaii to participate. :)


AMW said...

Best. Tshirts. Ever. :)

Victor said...

Nooooo! The dreaded Magda still haunts me in my sleep...

But if the shirts are fluffy, maybe they'll help me overcome the trauma!