Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Open Science at PSB - deadline approaching!

The initial deadline for proposals for the first Open Science workshop at PSB is coming up on June 1. We welcome submissions on almost anything related to Open Science - tools, platforms, and resources; applications, first-hand experiences, or case studies; cultural, social, and historical perspectives or studies; Open Access and open source; pretty much anything that will help us get a better picture of how Open Science has developed, where it is now, what's brewing on the horizon, and what's needed going forward. The call for participation has more detailed information on the workshop and submission instructions.

Note that the proposal need not be a fully mature or completely fleshed out abstract - a rough outline of the content of the proposed talk is sufficient. The early deadline is simply for us to get a better idea of what the workshop will look like, and there is ample time to continue refining abstracts thereafter.

There is no selection process for posters; anyone interested in presenting a poster may present. The deadline for submitting a poster abstract is Sept 12; however, early submissions are encouraged so that we may better organize the workshop!

Fellow bloggers and readers - please take a moment to post a short note about our workshop on your own blogs, or send notice of our call for participation to potentially interested friends and colleagues! Thanks in advance. :)

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