Thursday, January 31, 2008

Call for letters of support for PSB proposal

Hi folks, so it's about a week until the proposal is due. So far, we have a draft up, which should be viewable by anyone. It almost there, so there should be no problems with getting it in come submission time. However, it could still use some help with coming up with what the session would actually look like, how much off the beaten path we want to go without turning off the conference organizers, and how much off the beaten path we need to go to make the session useful.

One thing that would really help outside of the proposal itself is to have actual letters of support. That way the organizers will know there is serious interest and commitment for a session on Open Science - it's a gamble for them, frankly, but much less of one if there is a good crowd on board.

So if you would like to support this proposal and are willing to commit to participating should it get accepted, please send me an email to that effect (with as many details of your anticipated participation as you can provide at this time), and I will include all the emails as "supplementary material" next Friday. Please also disseminate this call on your own blogs if you can. Many thanks in advance!


Bill Hooker said...

Not sure what I could contribute, but I'll try to put a letter of support together. Nag me if I haven't sent it by next Wed or so!

By the way, if this effort doesn't take, here:

is an alternative conference that I think would be a natural fit.

Bill Hooker said...

Argh. Tried to write a letter, but it really comes down to "I think this is a neat idea", and no answer to the obvious rejoinder: "well, who are you then?".

Honestly, I think a letter from me would do more harm than good at this point. I can't promise to attend, and I can't propose a paper or presentation (there are better people to do an overview, which is all I could offer).

I'm even too late for a blog post to do you any good, though I'll put one up.