Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Off to ISMB 2008

Tomorrow I'll be heading off to ISMB in Toronto. I haven't attended the big show before, other than a 1 day SIG 3 years ago in Detroit, so I'm sure it will be enlightening, perhaps for the science, but also for the sheer surreality of packing thousands of normally bunkered down and repressed scientists into a small and contrived space.

I hope I can smuggle my poster tube onto the airplane without them noticing that I also have a carry-on and personal item already. But kind of hard to hide something that's almost 4 feet long... speaking of transporting posters, how cool would it be to have electronic poster boards at conferences? No more poster tubes, little sheets of paper, curled edges, or push pins - just upload your file before you get on the plane, bring a thumb drive just in case, and you're good to go. Sure, they'd be expensive, delicate, heavy, and perhaps prone to glitches, but nothing a few years of tech investment can't fix.


Frog said...


Love the poster and, even more, the notion of not carrying poster tubes through the Airport.

Looking forward to meeting you next week.

SciVee Team said...

Hi Shirley,

It is great that you are sharing your poster on your blog. Maybe you'd like to make a video to accompany your poster and create a postercast on SciVee? It is feature we have just introduced. It would give your work even more exposure and it would be helpful for those of us who didn't get to go to ISMB this year. Just a thought.

Best regards,
The SciVee Team

Also - have you heard of fabric posters? You can get your poster printed on fabric so you can just fold it up in your luggage. I guess you'd need to iron it at some point, though.

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