Monday, February 25, 2008


Sean Mooney and his colleagues at the Indiana University Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Core are developing a new professional networking site called Laboratree. It looks and feels like a more subdued version of Facebook, which is a good thing in my opinion - Facebook is all about Too Much Information and too many annoying alerts and requests, whereas I think (and hope) Laboratree will stay trim and relevant. It also integrates a blog into your account, which is nice for those who don't already keep one. While Laboratree may compete with sites like OpenWetWare in some of its features, it is less of a content management system and more meant to be a networking site. It is still being developed and so has some bugs and a limited user base, but you can sign up for account.


Anonymous said...

have you seen SciLink? It's been out a lot longer and has 20,000 users and counting.

Anonymous said...


SciLink is at:

shwu said...

Thanks, I've signed up for SciLink and am interested to see what it can do.